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Are Your Goals being Sabotaged by Not Requesting Support?

Sometimes, I do not like to ask for help to achieve my business or career goals. Many of us do not. I remember times in the past, where I had asked for help, but was denied. Multiple times.

Our experiences or lifestyle may make us feel that seeking professional help is unthinkable.

We may feel that having others support us makes us weak. A failure. Or we could fear the pain of being vulnerable or the possibility of rejection.

But for a minute, I want you to ask yourself a question:

How would your efficiency increase if you received the assistance you need to remain strong as you pursue your next sale goal, new product or position?

Assistance is like a step ladder. Though we can stand tall alone, support can raise us even higher, making it easier to obtain our big wins.

As Les Brown said: “Ask for help. Not because you are weak. But because you want to remain strong.”

This month’s complimentary resource entitled “When All That Stands in the Way of Help is Asking for It” will help you bridge the connection between getting help and working more powerfully.

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