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About the Speaker

Donna Johnson-Klonsky, MBA, PCC, is a veteran professional speaker and trainer. Over ten thousand individuals, national and international audiences, have been inspired through her motivational presentations. Donna has published over five hundred articles and self-help techniques and authored a decade-long monthly business column for a prominent New York City magazine. As a certified coach, she expertly guides small business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs towards professional

and personal success.


Her published book, Aspects of Change: 9 Steps to Conquer Your Most Devastating Change, Develop Boundless Energy, and Create a Life You Love, will forever alter how individuals process change. A labor of love for over twenty years, her company, DJ Consulting Services, Inc., has one mission - to transform how we approach, process, and master change.

As a result of her speaking, individuals:

Gain Clarity and Focus

Create Powerful Relationships

Connect with Team Members

Increase Accountability to Results

Accelerate Financial Goals

Achieve Professional and Personal success

Work and Operate with more Passion Find Joy in Work.


About Donna

Donna Johnson-Klonsky  MBA, PCC

For media and other business inquiries, please contact via:

Tel: 845-447-1037 


Donna’s intelligent and highly motivating presentation gave our leadership group a lot to think about in our ever-evolving growth as leaders. She provided structure and examples for considering and taking concrete actions to eliminate distractions, target purpose, sharpen focus, and apply experience to effect real operational change.

- R. Rosenberg

Donna Johnson-Klonsky has provided workshops to Dutchess County Department of Community and Family Services Leadership Development Program participants over the past 7 years. Each time, she is well received by the participants who become fully engaged in the session. Attendees find her to be inspiring and motivating. The feedback received is that she is down-to-earth and always offers practical techniques to develop one’s skills and to address challenges… Thank you so very much!! It was a huge success and those of us together in the conference room were thrilled with the outcome. 

- T. Giovanniello

I've heard many speakers over the course of my life, but I can tell you that what Donna did on that day is something that many speakers are not able to accomplish. She was not only able to present her content, but when she connected it with her own life experiences and made it so real that sitting in my chair, I felt like her very emotions, her very thoughts, that she was convinced that they were somehow flowing through my own veins through my own mind.

- M. Flemmings

This program was exactly what I needed. The instructor's knowledge and passion for helping people get 'unstuck' is so crucial for creatives especially during this time of unprecedented uncertainty.

- Lisa D.

Donna's presentation was phenomenal…She has an incredible talent for translating her own experience into relatable examples for others to learn from.  Donna tailored her message to our audience of artists and creatives to help them identify their own obstacles that keep them from achieving their goals… As a result, attendees were not only provoked to *think* about what they needed to do, but they were provoked to take *action* (which was precisely ACOR's goal with this workshop)!  I would enthusiastically recommend Donna to any group that needs help identifying and reaching their goals. 

- C. Baum

We had Donna as a speaker for the WEDC Graduate Networking event.  Being the audience was at different stages of business, having Donna there to walk everyone through effective networking was extremely valuable to our attendees. Giving them a framework to practice during the session and then to implement when they left.

- C. Marsh-Croll

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