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Stop Letting Others Dictate Your Value

I remember the time my corporate dreams died. I wanted to be a partner of the firm I worked for. Through hard work and years of dedication I had earned the opportunity.

I remember how crushed I felt as they told me that I did not fit the ‘criteria’ for a partner. It felt like I had hit the ceiling and there was no way forward.

Sometimes, we may feel that we are in boxed in. That there is no way to achieve a certain position, level of influence, lifestyle, or financial status.

Have you ever encountered a situation where it seems all the doors were hopelessly closed?

Remember, Leaders, how you are treated is your decision. Even though we may fear the consequences of demanding what we deserve, never give up your choice.

It is you who choose whether your client will be allowed to dictate your value and worth.

And I know you are too valuable to let them make that choice.

This month’s complimentary resource entitled “When We Feel We Are Forced, We Usually Have a Choice” will help you develop a mindset to grab your own choices even when things in life seems uncontrollable.

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