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Change is inevitable.

The way we approach it…shouldn’t be.

Life’s most devastating events will impact us all. A distressing medical diagnosis. Divorce. Death. Once the dust settles…how will you pick up the pieces? It’s time we have the unspoken conversation about how to emerge from our most devastating changes!

ASPECTS OF CHANGE is a profound new approach designed to help us process devastating changes and reclaim our lives. Featuring a vivid true story of tragedy and triumph, it introduces us to the change process and then helps us master it. It places within our hands a customized action and goal oriented technique that will empower us to move beyond our grief and create a life that we love.



Donna Johnson-Klonsky is an amazing coach! I'm incredibly honored to have been coached by Ms. Johnson-Klonsky. She is a skilled, positive, perceptive mentor. I had no idea that while Donna was providing caring, thoughtful guidance to me and others she was navigating such a personal crisis. Donna is truly inspirational and Aspects of Change helps guide the reader through devastating change with grace and power. The book focuses the reader on the questions one must address to thrive and grow through difficult personal change.

-M. Beuf

Aspects of Change offers meaningful help. After my irreversible change I sought stories of other people’s irreversible change. Not only was it comforting to know I wasn’t alone but I also dug through the words to find clues that may help me handle my own change. Along came Aspects of Change. A personal journey coupled with action steps. I really like that it helped me articulate parts of my own journey and offered suggestions on how to move forward and build up energy so my head and heart can once again align for my personal and professional success (and sanity). Great book Donna!  


One of the best books I’ve read on change! As a person that has helped hundreds of people make positive life changes and reviewed over 500 self-help books, I love finding new books to add to my shelves. This book provides a unique approach to understanding, addressing and conquering change. I love learning mindset tricks, success habits, and anything that will help become a better version of oneself


One of those books you will recommend to your best friend. In 2 days I had read the entire book. I was glued after a few pages. The story was breath-taking. The difference between this book and other women who have had surprising turns in their life is the way that it is organized. The systematized way that she put her story together in this book made the changes she made easier to understand how you too can be triumphant in your changes. There is a work-thru section at the back of the book and I would highly recommend that you do that for yourself. For me personally I have a couple of autoimmune diseases that dictate what kind of day that I have. The way that Donna approached her health issues allowed me to see how I can live my life with my health challenges with more success.

-Deborah White

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