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Are Your Disappointments a Stepping Stone for Growth?

Today I want to share about a situation my son was in. When his supervisor left, he became the “temporary” supervisor.

And that new position put him through the paces.

In an hour long stress session, he told me how frustrated he was with the new position.

He is naturally introverted so being front and center was draining. Then, he became responsible for training new team members. And he hated training “with a burning passion”. On top of that, he was responsible for making sure everyone's work was completed satisfactory.

And in his words, he “sucked at it”.

In life, as we venture into new waters professionally we may face an onslaught of new challenges. These can blind our self-perception.

Have you ever found yourself struggling to move forward when a circumstances made you intimately aware of areas you need to improve?

To improve, to grow, we must learn from setbacks.

This month’s resource will provide insight to help you view obstacles as stepping stones to your goals.

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Donna Johnson-Klonsky
Donna Johnson-Klonsky
Nov 30, 2022

A little thought I wanted to add. Most of us, myself 150% included, struggle to balance recognizing our weaknesses and having them overshadow us. One thing that can help us with that balance is having a "good enough" goal. A 'good enough' goal is a milestone in your journey that you can be satisfied where you are at.

Let's use the example of swimming. You can have a goal of improving your time. But, without a point you are satisfied with, you could compare your times to others and become discontent or frustrated. In swimming, as in business, this can cause you to become discouraged - which is never a good foundation for success.

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