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How to Declutter Your Mind

Imagine your workspace, but you can barely see any part of the table. Files are everywhere, and your desk has brown-stained paper towels from the coffee you bumped…

How much will you accomplish in such a situation?

Today it is so difficult to keep our physical and mental surroundings organized since we have so many things going on simultaneously and are flooded with information from many different sources. Sometimes trying to filter the correct data to make the best decisions is like searching through murky water.

For me, in the past, this activity resulted in headaches. Just as a calm, serene, organized space is critical to a successful leader, a chaotic and disorganized mind will undermine the most determined person.

Most of us benefit when our surroundings are orderly. There is a sense of calm and peace even when things are hectic.

Take Time to Organize Your Mind is the part 1 of 4 short audio tidbits. Upcoming audios share why finding peace admist chaos is crucial, when to do it and how.

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