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"Be brave enough to have a conversation that matters"

As Leaders, we know that our life is busy. Our to-do list is ever expanding as more things pile on throughout the day.

Which makes it very easy to avoid having gritty conversations. Yes, those. The ones we keep putting off for… later.

What is your difficult discussion?

Does it involve informing a family member that they can not keep infringing on the time you set aside for your business? Or is it notifying a client or vendor that you can no longer afford frequent delays?

Margaret Wheatley said: “Be brave enough to have a conversation that matters.”

So, I have a question for you, when will you have your next conversation that matters?

This month’s complimentary resource is designed to make the process more manageable and effective difficult discussions. Download the resource “When It Is Hard to Have Tough Conversations” here.

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